10. Emerald Brkich/Mariano (Australian Outback & All-Stars) – 14 Votes

10. Emerald Brkich/Mariano (Australian Outback & All-Stars) – 14 Votes

Specific contestants score ‘cult status’ getting apparent explanations, anybody else, well i have little idea why. Andrea is just one eg contestant just who, let’s face it, was revered for too many factors beyond your video game. And on a period that is felt a little garbage, it is good to have her with this number, even with merely missing out on the big 10. This woman is breathtaking, we aren’t denying you to. The remainder is perhaps all your decision!

What exactly if some one thought the lady an awful champ? Or you to definitely she didn’t deserve someplace into the Every-Stars? Otherwise one her and you may Deprive are incredibly OTT? She’s Sexy! We’re not ever-going to take that-away away from the woman! She try called the latest Survivor contestant on very first 8 season with the Every-Stars reunion, and while she’s recently scratched to your top ten toward all of our listing, she nevertheless stands the exam of time as one of the best female brand new let you know enjoys actually viewed. Just be sure Boston Rob is out during the Samoa otherwise Nicaragua having 39 months before attempting a move on their.

9. Elisabeth Filarski/Hasselbeck (Australian Outback) – 15 Votes

Only 15 votes? Why don’t we only claim that Ben isn’t really happy! However, Elisabeth nevertheless splits the major 10, and you will is the personification of one’s lady every son wanted to for the second 12 months. Probably more effective contestant to actually come out of the latest tell you, you could potentially turn on your Tv virtually every date to see the today married Elisabeth among the co-machines of Check. And while she might not precisely appeal to numerous watchers on that reveal, she yes had you to definitely attract during the woman date for the Survivor. The afternoon she comes on the newest tell you, is the time Ben manages to lose their head!

8. Kim Spradlin (You to definitely World) – 17 Votes

Let’s be honest. Everytime a great Survivor poll are stored today, you’ll be able to will have Kim appear on the list. Be it great player, high winner or even in this situation a hot contestant, the brand new freshly crowned billionaire keeps much beauty it’s almost maybe not fair. Men and women vision was an option factor, and simply for example it did for everybody on a single Industry, you are agreeing with every command she actually renders to you personally. Ignore the facts she just got involved and dream!

seven. Jenna Morasca (Amazon & All-Stars) – 17 Votes

We love Survivor couples cannot we? Deprive & Amber, Jamie & Erik, Joel & Chet and undoubtedly Jenna & Ethan. So it stunning Amazonian winner reported that being breathtaking is almost instance with a disability, and you will better, maybe it is? I no less than remember that this woman is a beneficial stunner, and regrettably she can not a little get to the heights Ethan did with the the new sexiest men pole. Regardless, Jenna goes into our checklist in the #7. Today you’ll end up Googling the new Playboy pictures so you’re able to rejuvenate your own memory significantly more.

6. Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua) – 18 Votes

Brenda the fighter. Brenda the beauty. Not Brenda the latest scrambler. Skip Lowe is actually a difficult once the nails character toward Nicaragua and you will to have a big part of the video game appeared like she is responsible. But it wasn’t become getting Brenda, thus the audience is sure she’ll accept sixth put on the latest sexiest girls poll because the a bit of an earn. Is-it the lady mixed battle seems, their gorgeous eyes or one smoking looks? Possibly 18 people need certainly to posting so it directly into you while we just stare!

5. Natalie Tenerelli (Redemption Area) – 27 Ballots

Far more than just an effective ‘Boston Deprive puppet’, Natalie are one of the most significant reasons why you should continue enjoying Redemption Isle a week. You might put the Tv towards the mute, maybe not worry about the video game and only listen up anytime she moved for the display where red-colored swimsuit. More entertaining facet of the entire 22nd year. Unfortunate most, really, in fact no. We will capture decent attention sweets off a great Boston Deprive cake walk any big date!

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